Giant chess hire

Giant chess hire

Giant Chess is the big version of the classic game of chess. The Giant Chess pieces are made of indestructible high-density polyethylene recycled plastic, which makes them durable, waterproof and UV resistant as well. The chess pieces can withstand the outdoor elements very well while retaining their original colour too.

The Giant Chess set also comes with a nylon weaved chess mat which you can carry around easily. The Chess pieces are also not heavy to lift. They are of an ideal weight for best playing convenience and can be easily moved around.

Since, there are endless places to have fun with Giant Chess. You can enjoy playing this game in your backyard, lawn, parks, sports area and wherever there is a large flat surface. However, this “larger than life” Giant Chess set will attract crowds and bring a new dimension to any entertainment area or garden.

A game of chess is the battle of minds and the most active part during the game is your brain. Kids and adult both can also benefit a lot by play this game. Some play for fun while some compete at different levels. Whatever the reason, a good game of Giant Chess can prove to be very beneficial. It can raise your kid’s IQ, increase problem solving skills and promote creativity.

This game set will be a great addition to your backyard or lawn. You can have lots of fun playing this game while having a party or during gatherings of family and friends.

Giant Chess Specifications:

3 m x 3 m nylon chess mat with 30 cm squares

Tallest piece is King Standing Tall at 60cm

Smallest piece is Pawn Standing Tall at 40cm

Rules/Instructions Included

Packaged in 2 large cardboard boxes for easy storage

For Ages 3+ Years.